Happy 10th Birthday Madison!

Madison on her fifth birthday.

Today marks a very important milestone for my daughter and for my husband and me.  We have, as of this very moment, been parents for a decade.  We are so blessed to have three amazing kids who make our world both fun and frustrating.  It all started with Madison.

It is so hard to see my little girl growing up so quickly.  She is growing into such an amazing person and I am blessed every minute that I am her mother.  As every parent knows, kids grow up so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday she was in my arms at Sibley Hospital and I was completely clueless as to how I was going to take care of someone so small and fragile. It seems we have figured it out!

Madison a couple of weeks ago with her little sister before we had a fun day at American Girl in Tyson's Corner.

For the past ten years, I have watched my little baby learn, grow and blossom into a chatty, friendly, kind girl who loves her family, helps take such good care of her little brother and sister and is just an all around amazing person.Being her mother has taught me patience, compassion, empathy, responsibility, and the true meaning of love.  I always joke that Maddie is my guinea pig.  She is the trailblazer of our family.  The first to do most everything.  She has helped teach me what being a parent is all about and for that, I am truly appreciative.


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