New Year

Today marks the start of the school year for my children and hundreds of other families around the country.  We scrubbed our little darlings, dressed them up in their new outfits and sent them off into the world to learn, grow and, hopefully, have a great day.

This year we are marking distinctive first days for all three of our children.  This Michael’s first “real” first day of school.  Having not turned two until December of last year, we did not send him off with the girls in late August last year.  Additionally both Grace and Maddie are living out their last first days of school at their respective institutions.  Madison’s last first day of elementary, and Gracie’s last first day of preschool.  It’s bittersweet as I know they each still have a full year of school ahead before they move on, but today is a milestone nonetheless.

I have been completely neglecting my writing as the remodeling business portion of my life has overtaken all of the “professional” hours of my days this summer.  I refuse to give away mommy time for anything other than hugs, kisses and the tasks necessary to keep our little corner of the world humming.

I did achieve one whole item on my bucket list this summer.  At the county fair a few weeks ago, I milked a cow for the first time ever.  It was interesting and I felt very lucky to share another “first time” experience with all of my children.  Grace, Michael and Madison all had the opportunity to try milking the cow as well.

Other than that, I have been completely off the bandwagon.

I start school again this fall, which is completely unnerving to someone who really thought her place in the world was cemented in place.  I’ve decided that the pace of the remodeling industry might eventually take too much of a toll what with the go go times of summer being followed by scarily un-busy winters.  No.  With children, a little certainty would be nice.  So I’m keeping my options open and falling back to where I thought I would be all along.  A graduate degree in teaching is the newest pursuit and I am hoping that teacher certification will bring with it opportunities that, perhaps, I had not considered when the kids were so small.

So much is going on yet not much has changed.  Our family is growing, learning, and transforming every day and, although I can’t promise to bring you along for the ride all of the time, I do promise to try to do better.


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