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New Year

Today marks the start of the school year for my children and hundreds of other families around the country.  We scrubbed our little darlings, dressed them up in their new outfits and sent them off into the world to learn, grow and, hopefully, have a great day.

This year we are marking distinctive first days for all three of our children.  Continue reading


Shaking things up…

Usually I post recipes and delicious food photos on Tuesdays, but today I’m shaking things up for two reasons…

First, I am absolutely crazed this week with Grace’s birthday party, the classes I am taking and our upcoming trip to Florida.  The second reason is that I have some really cool things going on in my life that I want to share with you all.

As I said before, I am taking classes again.  Not for credit or at a college or anything, but I am taking a few classes online.  Four to be exact, but two of them are self paced independent study course.

Christina Katz, the on and only Writer Mama, is the person who inspired me to start this blog and create a platform for myself where all of my mothering, cooking, remodeling and living could be captured in a single space.  Her class, Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff, makes pros out of Mamas like me who need a little help getting started.  I know how to put together a functional sentence or two, but her class, even in this first week appears to be exactly what I have been looking for all this time!

Another class I am taking, Media Bistro’s Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, is a pretty interesting class as well.  I am using the class in order to learn how to promote Dedhico, the remodeling company my family owns.

The most exciting thing of all that is going on right now, however, is preparations for the girls and me to head to Florida next week!  From digging out shorts and sandals to trying on suits and dresses, we are in full on prep mode.  Of course there is a lot of REAL work to be done before we head out (two kitchen designs and a slew of contracts to write up), but the preparing for the trip part is much more fun!

Mads is ready!

I’ll drop you guys some cool recipes from sites I love later in the week!

We’re Featured!

Check out my French Onion Soup recipe on BlogHer! The recipe is featured under the food section under the header “What’s Hot.” It is also along the sidebar (just look for the mouthwatering photo of the soup…

We have a Facebook Page!

After some deliberation I decided to promote this website with a Facebook page!  It will include some Tweets, some posts, some photos and some other fun things that don’t deserve a full blown blog post. 

The profile photo has become a running joke since a high school friend referred to me as “Supermom” (which I am most decidedly not).  Super Okay Mom.  Super Making it Through the Day Mom.  Love My Kids a Super Amount Mom.  Those things, yes, but I CERTAINLY don’t have it all figured out.  My favorite thing to do is learn from other parents and non parents about what is working in their lives and try to take a little bit from everyone’s experience. 

Hope to see you around! 



Things I Come Across…

So, my new addiction is the website  It is basically an online bulletin board where you can comment, share and connect directly back to the source of design ideas, recipes and entertaining ideas.  I found this really cute “Toddler Buffet” idea on there this evening.  Super cute! 

Source: via Sandra on Pinterest

Taking Care of Me…

Bam!  I am starting the New Year off with some great momentum.  I joined Weight Watchers, joined a gym and have really been making an effort to focus on self care this year.  I’m blogging more and actually writing in the evenings which is something I have wanted to do for a while.  Caring for myself and about myself are my biggest goals this year.  Focusing on health, fiscal fitness (not a typo… I’m talking cash), good nutrition (thanks to one of my oldest friends) and fun are the things I am most focused on.

I am a Mama.  To be the best mom I can be, I need to be alive so my health MUST improve.  Pre-New  Year, I did the responsible thing and went to my doctor for the “pre life change” checkup.  Doctor’s words (well paraphrased for humor): “You’re the healthiest fat person I have ever seen!”  To be clear, my doctor would NEVER use those words.  He is an amazing person as well as a great doctor.  Low blood sugar, low cholesterol, great blood pressure, and great blood work make Beth seem like a very healthy gal.  Healthy as can be, if you ignore the whole being overweight thing.  But that’s like saying “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”  I don’t want to limit myself to doing only certain activities with my kids, friends and family because of my weight or put myself at risk for disease later in life so this is the year that I am doing something about it. 

This week’s activities have included joining Weight Watchers (if Jennifer Hudson’s amazing body transformation doesn’t inspire you, you’re crazy!), joining and ACTUALLY GOING to the gym and spending a lot more time playing outside with my kids.  We were so blessed to have a gorgeous weekend!  Continue reading

2012 is Here!

After spending the evening ringing in the New Year with some of my favorite people, I spent a good part of the day today tweaking the blog and fixing it up for what I had hoped would be the great 2012 launch. 

Needless to say, life today was far more interesting than writing about life would have been.  My amazing husband and I got up and went to church and brunch together, just the two of us.  We picked the children up from Brandon’s mom’s house and spent the day hanging out, reading books, and playing with all of the new toys the kids got for Christmas.  A pretty perfect day if you ask me. 

So, what you have here is an imperfect launch of an imperfect blog by an imperfect writer, but it is certainly better than the blog that was here yesterday!  I really hope that any of you reading this enjoy what I am working to start here.  Take a minute to do the bucket list activity( or just poke around here for a few minutes. 

As the year progresses, I hope to see this site grow and I hope that you will stick with me through the process!  Thoughts?